Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year Some New Lessons for 2009

Life is so amazing and unpredictable!!! Could anyone have believed we would be inaugurating Barack Obama president tomorrow and the Arizona Cardinals would be going to the super bowl.
This year I am starting the year off so right I am really excited. I am welcoming in January this year as employee of the month in a beautiful store surrounded with great people to work with. I joined LA fitness at a very low rate and have a long term plan for fitness and weight loss that is practical and sustainable. I am now full time at work and for the first time in a long time I feel safe financially. Last year I started taking my thyroid medicine again and taking vitamins regularly. I set up a savings account and a regular deduction from my pay check.Now I have a lot more energy and I have not been sick this year, it also feels great to have a little nest egg set aside in case on emergencies. Making some small decisions to improve my life last year have paid off for me and I have added a few new ones already this year that I am looking forward to pursing and enjoying.Life is going good for me now thanks to some easy simple and smart decisions. Happy New Year everyone.