Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A new day 11/29/06

Yesterday I started a new habit.I read an email from my sister Karen about a happiness study.In the study people think of three experiences they had that day that made them happy then think of what they did that lead to that experience.When I went to bed I started thinking of three things that I was happy about that day and what was my part in creating that experience.Just remebering and concetrating on the best and happiest parts of my day was very satisfing and i found myself adding many more than three happy moments I had experienced that day. What agreat way to end each day . Concentrating on the good life in its simplest form each happy moment one at a time.I am so pleased that Karen turned me on to this great idea.
I hope you will now go out and have a great day one moment one experience at a time.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Welcome to my web site

Welcome to my new web site . What a great day to begin my journal since today is Thanksgiving an all inclusive nondenominational holiday devoted to thanking God for food. Thanksgiving is the one holiday most associated with a big meal and lots of food. I want to refocus my life style away from gluttany and toward a renewed interest in many of my favorite past interests and great joys in life like Art, Music, Literature crafts and gardening.Then add new interest like my four pets my home hiking and tennis. I would love to add travel and all manner of life explorations to this list of activities.
Starting with a possitive attitude I began my day with my husband Victor and our dog Zippy hiking Shaw Butte here in North Phoenix.It has taken us a few years to discover many of the unique hiking opportunities within a couple of miles of our home. We hiked a little over an hour and enjoyed the beautiful views on both sides of the butte.The great thing about hiking with our dog Zippy is that she really helps me to live in the moment. When she is there I am more likely to fully participate in all the experiences surrounding me.There is so much to enjoy.There is the beautiful mountain views the clear sky and all the interesting people and there pets that we meet as we hike and there is the scent of fresh air and warm breezes.. I believe in giving myself every opportunity that I can to get involved in my great nieghborhood and the beautiful weather Phoenix has to offer this time of year.