Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A new day 11/29/06

Yesterday I started a new habit.I read an email from my sister Karen about a happiness study.In the study people think of three experiences they had that day that made them happy then think of what they did that lead to that experience.When I went to bed I started thinking of three things that I was happy about that day and what was my part in creating that experience.Just remebering and concetrating on the best and happiest parts of my day was very satisfing and i found myself adding many more than three happy moments I had experienced that day. What agreat way to end each day . Concentrating on the good life in its simplest form each happy moment one at a time.I am so pleased that Karen turned me on to this great idea.
I hope you will now go out and have a great day one moment one experience at a time.

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