Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A new season and some new thoughts

It is now May in Phoenix the last of month of our beautiful spring. I have made some small but signifigent changes to our garden.I Added more variation and definition to the backyard and changed out some of the plants that died in the frost this winter. Now all the flowers are blooming and have grown and filled up our yard with lushness and color.I decided to buy my own mower and weedwacker and I am now our full time gardener and landscaper.As part of a money saving and excerise decision I dropped my gym membership and my lawn service and started mowing the lawn and gardening the yard myself. I am very happy with this decision. I enjoy yard work much more than running on a tread mill or eliptical machine and I have more control over how our lawn is manicured and maintained.My hair dresser Celia and sister Janet turned me on to “The power of Attraction” a very inspiring book and philosophy of life.This book has helped reinforce and direct my overall plan to think possitive about myself and my body and to improve my life. I am now over half way along on my weight goal .This is a prossess that is not just about weight but a complete life style change. I am improving my state of mind and my state of health while upgrading my carrier and energy level .The goal is to lift myself into a better happier life.I know that eating correctly and excerise are the keys to feeling better mentally and physically.Even my job has become more interesting and my home a more beautiful sancuary.I know these are both reflections of my decision to think possitive , make healthy choices and improve my life.Today I have finished a painting and taken a walk with Victor.I hope some of these ideas will inspire you.

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Mark said...

Hey Mom, you gotta start writting more :)