Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy B-Day to me I am so Lucky

Yes I've passed another milestone on the road of life I am 58 now and so far have enjoyed every minute of it. For my birthday my sweet husband Victor and I spent the day in Scottsdale . I went on a major (for me) spending spree and bought myself a new purse some shoes and several new tops. Then we both went out to eat and had a very pleasent meal.
As fun as all this was what really set this day apart and made it so wonderful was the out pouring of love I recieved from my family.Calls and emails from every member of my immediate family full of love, good wishes and support. I Can't tell you how great hearing from everyone made me feel. There was such a genuine warm connection I felt from everyone even though we are so far apart and rarely get together.
How lucky am I to have such a caring family, supporting and encouraging me to live my best life.
This is what I am most greatful to have, a loving wonderful family.

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