Saturday, May 2, 2009

my working out

I joined LA Fitness a fitness center near our home at the first of the year to help me get into better shape and build up my energy and stamina. At first i tried to go after work but i lost interest and the club was very crowded at that time making it hard to get on to the equipment I wanted to use. I still wanted to keep my membership and use it but i just never made it over there. Then on the first of April I made a decision to get up a half hour earlier in the morning and go work out before work.Now I go several times a week and I feel much better and I have more energy. I have lost a little weight and have added more resistance and speed to my workout .

This is my one month workout anniversary. I am very pleased with my progression and plan to keep going. I also plan to make more possitive changes to improve my life.


Mark said...

Hey Susan, its great to see you committed to an exercise program. It will be good for your health in the long run. Sometimes you have to make adjustments to get what you want, such as getting up earlier, but as you quoted Tony Robbins the key to happiness is flexibility.

Anonymous said...

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