Friday, June 26, 2009

a beautiful day in June

Our weather in phoenix this June has been unseasonably mild and we have enjoyed drinking ice tea out on our patio all month.
I have been transferred to another store this week and I am very glad to announce that I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my new working environment.
I am always open to incorporating healthy eating ideas into my lifestyle. Recently I've discovered green smoothies as a great summer pick me up.They are an easy way to get lots of antioxidants into my diet and keep my body more alkaline.
Here is my recipe:
any combination of
Kale, spinach, parsley
1- banana
1- wedge of watermelon
I fill my blender with lots of greens then the banana and a few cubs of watermelon to sweeten. Then add water and blend. Amazingly this drink tastes great and is very filling .
Have a great day full of energy and happiness .
Let peace of mind abound in your life .


Mark said...

That recipe seems a little hard to swallow, but I am glad you are doing well!

Kristen's Raw said...

YUM for green smoothies!!!