Sunday, July 25, 2010

Loving Life in my 60s

Here are some of the ideas I have been formulating recently as I begin a new decade in my life.
Loving life starts with caring for the house we live in, our bodies. As we age it is more and more obvious that" we are what we eat"and lucky for us we are in 2010 a great age of knowledge availability. With the computer new health information and medical breakthroughs are almost daily. All we need is an open mind and the will to improve our lives then just begin taking advantage of these discoveries.
Lets all take the time to learn about nutrition, stress management and exercise they are our spring board for the good life. We must have vibrant health to maximize our potential, achieve our goals and become our best selves. Of course potential must be acted upon and nurtured to prosper and a healthy positive mental state is essential for success and happiness.
I still feel like I am standing in the middle of life and so much is still ahead of me. I just need to take care of my house and my best years are to come. I have so much to live for : My wonderful family,comfortable home, good job and so many interests and things to learn . I now have so many more gifts and love to give.

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