Thursday, May 8, 2014

My beautiful life during the lovely month of May!

      I have been spending so much time working in my beautiful meditation garden this year that now  with the weathers cooperation  the roses and jasmine are putting on quite a show. I love to sit out on my patio or take my lawn chair out into the yard and kick off my shoes and just feel the grass under my feet. I like to listen to all the birds sing and water fall from our fountain early each morning to begin my meditation. I awake to a day that is all mine to enjoy.I  hike or play tennis, walk my dog and garden for exercise and love feeling energized by keeping fit!! Loving life is the choice i choose to make daily and I have found many habits easing my flow naturally into peace and contentment.
     I find the more I open up to new possibilities like learning and practicing  Reiki and joining the Artist Guild the more I know I am following the right path for me.
                                                 .Hope you enjoy the pictures from our garden. 

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