Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happiness factors

A lot of lifes satisfaction relies heavily on the happiness factor. The big question what really makes me happy.Many things can play into this but after concentrating every evening on three things that made me happy that day, I have realized that most of my happiness comes in the form of small daily accomlishments and quiet observations on the beauty of nature and life going on around me.I have filled my home with dogs and cats which have given me endless entertainment and love.Often I have picked small accomplishments like bill paying or closet cleaning as the things that gave me happiness. I have been suprised to find that I have not picked anything I bought or ate that made me happy. Sometimes I am happy because I was able to do something for someone else or happy that I did something that I put off .I am finding that my happiness comes from sources that I did not expect. I though that I would find more satisfaction in having new things .That has not been the case.This has been an interesting learning experience on my path of self accualization.
I still have my big goal of doing art fairs and paying off my bills. Maybe this is why I am not so happy about making purchases.I really want to be debt free.

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