Saturday, August 9, 2008

Expanded life experiences

Yesterday I watched the Beijing opening ceremony and enjoyed it so much. It was so heart warming to me to see so many countries throughout the world come together in a peaceful pursuit. I was so impressed by the thousands of great athletes marching around the beautiful birds nest stadium.
First of all I love the name birds nest for a stadium, second I love the theme for the 2008 olympics "one world one dream". I loved seeing the Chinese cheer for the American Team and I love that I feel so close to the Chinese people.
My son gave me the opportunity to comunicate with many chinese people on his web site. Plus reading his journal full of interesting life experiences in China was very eye opening. Through Marcus I have had so many worldly experiences meeting very kind helpful and interesting people in every journal entry.Now I am so looking forward to reading his experiences in Singapore.

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Mark said...

Yeah, I saw part of the ceremony too, it was impressive. I keep hearing people say that the Beijing Olympics will be memorable for years. I'm glad you liked getting to know Chinese people, I have met many I like too.